Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Time flies at paradise central

So today is week three. I only feel like I have just set foot here. Not in a hurry to leave, I don't think any of us are.

Was working a lot these past weeks. So much work to get through and only this one set of hands to do it. Seem to be making progress. Damien arrives on Friday and while here will be putting in a couple of weeks work.

Off to Singapore tomorrow for a couple of days. Have to get out before my visa runs out. So got meetings at Techmex, got to get a printer from Simlim and some Nutrigrain for the boys as it's nearly A$10 a box up here. That and Weetbix. The local cereal seems to all be totally sugared or chocked out.

Had a great couple of nights with Warren & his son Luke. They are friends of Tim Colemans who he got to courier in some Aeroguard for us. They came round Sat arvo and 10 minutes later Luke is in the pool. They came over with another couple, Tania & Michael who they met at their hotel. They also had boys, 3 of them under 5, who they had left with the kids club. We had a coffee and water then wandered down to the local Circle K and got some long necks. We chatted til 5 and then they went to collect their kids. Later on, about 7 we all went to KuDeTa for sunset cocktails. There was 6 boys and 5 adults. The idea was to go to Gado Gado for dinner but somehow Trattoria and their pizzas seemed more appropriate.

Gabi and our boys went to their hotel most of yesterday which was great as it gave me the whole day to knock over work. We again met to watch the sunset, this time at Echo beach. Drank beers and ate seafood. Tania, Michael and their 3 left from their straight to the airport.

Warren and Luke left this afternoon, will still be in the air I would think.

This afternoon Maxi and I went to Tugu for a surf and got out just before the sun disappeared. I took this photo from the beach side car park. Just Maxi ,me, a guy spinning fairy floss and another guy selling sweet rolls. Oh and about 20 villages flying around.

They seem to like coming down to watch the sunsets, and why wouldn't you. Sydney siders don't get to see this very often and in Perth you get a little to use to it.

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