Friday, 10 July 2009

Back to Work

Well the two week holiday to Thailand is over unfortunately. Far too quick! I have a couple of little stories that I am working on from my travel, just to let you know, and I will post them here, sorry about breaking the chronological order, but get over it already!

More pressing is a question I have for you all. Why is it that when you have a holiday, yeah yeah I hear you all saying but you live in Bali, your whole life's a holiday, for the records, it ain't so! Anyway, when you go away for a holiday then things happen. In my case after a couple of months of only dribs and drabs in the work department I go away and two good size, one is big, jobs confirm meaning that upon my return I not only have something to do, I have a heap of it! Murphy is often attributed to this type of phenomenon.
This week I jumped into it. The first few nights burnt the midnight oil getting the first one out the door (Part One of it) only for another to land in my lap. Of course this one was a rush rush as well. Such is my holiday guys. I was up until 2.30 this morning setting a scene up so that it would render while I was asleep. Of course unattended it ran awry and the results were less than satisfactory. It is now under control and I have sent the last files out.
I look at my inbox and the mass of stuff that has gone unchecked for the last week. I sift through it and a couple of gems appear. A friend of ours' Kris-Z, Gab's originally but I have known him for 20 years now so a friend of mine as well has a new album coming out. That is him on the cover, no not the black dude. They are called Brixton Boogie. A fusion of Funk, R&B, and pop. In the words of the immoral Molley Meldrum, Do yourself a favour and check them out. You can listen to them through their Myspace Page, Click Here!

So that is all I have time for now. May you all have a great weekend, think of me as I have to work on the job I pushed sideways this week to get the rush one out.