Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A matter of taste

From Blogger Pictures
The other night we convened for what is fast becoming one of the
fixtures on the underground Bali social scene, a movie night. Subject matter is always around surfing and the night draws out an eclectic bunch or long boarders, fish riders, single fin aficionados and generally below the radar technicians of the fine sport of surfing.

It was after the movies and when some of the Europeans had bid their leave that someone around the table noticed that none of us were inked. Not a tattoo between the ten or so left sitting around the table. A glance around the table has us all pitted in the age group from 38-46. Sorry Dave & Made, I know you two are the exceptions.

To understand why this is really peculiar you have to look at our social ties. Well there are none. Sure we are all in Bali but that is what has drawn is together here in the now not during those formative years where the application of tattoos is done during the weekend night rituals fueled by a proportionate mix of alcohol and youthful abandon.

Today I sit on a plane flying from Bali to Bangkok and it isn't the case. A small gecko is climbing up in behind the ear of the girl next to me, a lass ahead has her hair parted into pig tails giving vent for a dragonfly on her upper spine, the guys arm in front of her sports tribal markings that do not correspond to the colour of his skin and would upset any self respecting anthropologist. What is with head and
neck tatts on women? Three that I can see. The third, a buxom blond further down the front has a bow tie at the back of her neck, is that tribal? I don't think so! Her man has flames streaming from his left wrist up his arm, which, when mingled with his freckles, kind of creeps across his whole body in little spot fies. Another twenty something couple is branded, he with his full arm in colours so bright that the ink still looks wet and I worry about brushing up next to him and smudging it. She has a little flower popping out where her harem pants do not quite meet her t'shirt. The lone lower looks lost on this side of the line. I wonder briefly about it's root system and smile.

They all have something in common as well. They are all under thirty five. Perhaps younger but I have been known to be wrong. Why is it these younger generations feel compelled to feel the needle? Really I want to know.

Landed - Bangkok is hot and steamy! I know, I'm not telling you something
you don't already know.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Lots of computer work this week...

Well I have been bolted to the computer finishing some renders, playing with the vids from the new camera and making a play list for Paul's 40th at Mano Beachside Cafe this coming Sat night. Ando, as he is otherwise known, is up here for a number of celebrations, one of them his own 40th. The other major one is Pip Leary's wedding to Bruce Lee. Ok That name is no joke but people I heard he is an amazingly genuine and nice guy and I for one wish her and him of course, all the luck in the world to making it in this new partnership. If I have time I might even gatecrash the wedding and party. We shall see. It's on the beach, how hard is it to just wander in...

Can you imagine the conversation it would be like this...
Ano! What are you doing here?
Oh I was just wandering along the beach Pip, gosh you look lovely in that white gown.
Ano how come you are in white linen slacks, ironed shirt, combed hair and goatee and have that lovely Mandarin Tea aftershave from Shanghai Tang on?
You never know who or what you might run into out along the beach Pip...

Yeah right!

So that is my lot. Here is the new video I put together of Maxi and I surfing. Little longer but a whole lot more interesting. Later