Thursday, 7 June 2007

The photos that time forgot! This one is for you Fluff!

As promised, a blog entry sans words. Well not totally only a couple. Just enough to tell you what is going on, ok?

PS What with the $%#@ internet here in Bali these entries are harder than the normal ones! This has taken nearly an hour to upload each image one by one! Argh!

In order of appearance you have.
•Brunnie, Made & Gabi standing near the front door of our house
•Students in my Indonesian Class. Our final day a coffee down by the beach, L-R Hiroco, Dirk, Dominique & Our teacher Arta. Or I should say, Guru!
•Brunnie and I saw this very strange looking bike while out driving.
•We also stopped and photographed some men planing rice. Here are two of the photos.
•Out in Canggu, on the road to my favorite surfing spot we pulled over to photograph the rice terraces, here are 3 of the photographs.
•This one is for you Barry, This is a piccy of the front of our house. At least in my photo you can see our flags and umbrellas. Your photos don't show jack! Shape up bro!
•Lastly, here is Brunnie after breakfasting at Cafe Moka she was curious as to the reason there was a temple on the roof of the house across the road. Me too!


Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Mr Mum for a week! Tough act!

I do hope that this message finds you all well. Quicly I have to put a small note here to one of my Sister in-laws who I will continue to refer to as Fluff in an effort to maintain her secret Identity, "sorry about the fact that there is not a single photo with this post. Perhaps I will do a photo only one next time...." hmm now there is a thought. Listern to the wheels talking...

The reason I hadn’t entertained you with further installments in the life of the Glib and flatulent is that it was Istri Sayas turn to go to Singapore (Istri Saya, Literally means Wife mine) She went there to see if she was able to sell some bags for these gay friends of hers.

Oops I suppose they are friends of mine as well though she made their acquaintance. They do make very lovely bags, I have a black one with a little skull on a chain. I have done some adverts for them for local magazines as well as a quick website. Check out their wares Anyway she went there with a dozen bags, belts and other trinkets. She knuckled down and arranged some really strong meetings. So ended up seeing a lot of people and may have some good leads which she is now following up. Then on Sunday night she flew home. But the real reason for the whole thing was that her mother was on that flight as well. Her mother came in at 5.30pm from Germany and they caught the plane together from Singapore to here. It was the first time Gabi had ever been to Singapore, sure like everyone she had been through the airport a hundred times but she had never seen the place. She had a ball and stayed at a hotel for the first couple of days and then with some old friends from Australia who moved up there about 6 years ago. She loved the whole thing and even made noises about going back. I told her she would have to sell a lot of bags to do that. But really it is a good thing that she had a ball. She doesn't get holidays that often! I have been there so many times over the years that I am a little non-plus about the place. I know I could never live there, especially now that I have found a true passion in surfing. For someone lie me, the most non sporty person I know besides my friends this is a bit of a feat! Speaking of which, righthander out at Tugu this morning, going off!!!

So net result of all of that is our bank balance is slightly lower and we have Oma here. Actually she is having a little lay down at the moment I think the whole thing has been a little too much for her. Although it's Wed afternoon at 4pm. And she has had a full 3 days to acclimatise I am thinking that she may need the full week to get right into the swing of things. Ultimately she is having the time of her life I just think Gabi has to slow down with the tour de force.

Well life in the islands is trundling along smoothly. Tomorrow is the last of my Indonesian classes, whew 5 weeks whizzes past doesn’t it? And while I do not think I speak Bahasa Indonesia very well I can understand stuff. Which isn’t bad for a guy who knew used tear-up-my-car-seat to remember how to say thank you! A couple of others in the class are really talking, that would be the women. While a couple of us are able to understand but come discussion time give little or no input to the conversation Arta sets up, that would be the men. As sad as it seems us men are the stragglers. Seeing as the class is 5 and there are 3 women, two of whom have been here for over a year, and the men, we are just 2, both of us having arrived in the past 6 months, I do not feel too bad. It will come I am sure.

Maxi and Oscar are great. They both received far too much stuff from Gabi and Oma on Sunday & Monday night. From Gabi Maxi got a diving watch, iPod shuffle, 1 gig USB stick and of course the legendary Oma gift pack while Oscar got his first Gameboy also a watch, but his was PowerRangers and an Oma gift pack. Sniff Sniff! All I got was a tee shirt from Oma! Lol! Actually I got Gabi to buy me a pad to go under my laptop. It allows air to circulate and there is this cushion thing in the front to rest your wrists on. My brother Damien had one up here and after my battery literally fried I thought I needed one too. BTW I am thinking those children of mine are a tad spoilt, what do you think? Thought I should let you know that the T shirt is cool. Nice colour and a very simple clean print. Sort of a stylised elevation or silhouette of Muenster, my mother in-laws town.

So that is my lot for today. I thought I should get something up there to plug the hole in the silence. Feel free to write to me and tell me what little quirks life is throwing about in your part of the world. Or not!