Thursday, 7 June 2007

The photos that time forgot! This one is for you Fluff!

As promised, a blog entry sans words. Well not totally only a couple. Just enough to tell you what is going on, ok?

PS What with the $%#@ internet here in Bali these entries are harder than the normal ones! This has taken nearly an hour to upload each image one by one! Argh!

In order of appearance you have.
•Brunnie, Made & Gabi standing near the front door of our house
•Students in my Indonesian Class. Our final day a coffee down by the beach, L-R Hiroco, Dirk, Dominique & Our teacher Arta. Or I should say, Guru!
•Brunnie and I saw this very strange looking bike while out driving.
•We also stopped and photographed some men planing rice. Here are two of the photos.
•Out in Canggu, on the road to my favorite surfing spot we pulled over to photograph the rice terraces, here are 3 of the photographs.
•This one is for you Barry, This is a piccy of the front of our house. At least in my photo you can see our flags and umbrellas. Your photos don't show jack! Shape up bro!
•Lastly, here is Brunnie after breakfasting at Cafe Moka she was curious as to the reason there was a temple on the roof of the house across the road. Me too!


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