Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The swells roll in and me with it...

I'm Back! Typing stuff to FB seems to take a lot of any free time. Time that I might have to add my ramblings here. Big Col told me last week that he missed my little stories and so it is with that spirit that I plunge back in.

The work year will be somewhat slower than the last couple for me. All the big corporates have curtailed spending in the event and exhibit areas and I am left somewhat high and dry. Not to worry as i am sure things will come my way, always have so i can not see why they would stop now.

What is interesting is that I am diversifying. I laid out the interior of a shop for a mate. Designed a villa for another friend and I am doing a lot of Graphic design, especially PhotoShop work. It's good to get back on the tools, as it were, and ply my craft.

Off to Hong Kong next week for the Sevens. The yearly bash. I have designed the fitout for two corporate suites and have to make sure they hang the graphics in the right spot. For the skeptics there is some work involved here. It isn't all beer and balls. For the rest of you, your right it will be a bludge and I will be having the weekend off and attending the rugby with VIP passes.
Someone has to do it! May as well be me.

Life in Bali is good. I have set up home in Kerobokan and Gabi has the older place in Seminyak. The kids Spend half their time a each. Here is a description of the arrangements that a friend said summed it up well.

"Complicated refers to the lack of interesting options FB gives you to label your relationship. When you have (as I do) kids from Wed arvo to Friday evening, give one back after dinner keep the other so you can go surfing Sat morning then drive him to his acting classes in North Denpasar, grab him (as) he stays again Sat night and then we go surfing Sunday morning early followed, by breaky at Kudeta where we meet as a family. Then all return to our separate corners, complicated was the only option that added enough weight to the situation. It's not hard. I like it. I have all this 'me' time and then I have all this 'them' time. The balance works nicely"

I just realised that I do not have any photos of my house up here. Actually a friend, same one who said I summed up my complicated (FaceBook Term) situation quite well, said I had a lovely house. I do, but the piccies you saw are from Gabi's house in Seminyak. Here are some from Kerobokan. As each one says 1000 words I will leave you with them.

Oh and my puppy is called Sputnik, often referred to as Muttnik when she drags my shoes around the house...