Friday, 8 October 2004 - The Sydney Morning Herald - The Sydney Morning Herald

Every day my when I launch my browser, Safari, it loads and I am faced with the Sydney Newspaper homepage. Today I am faced with 35 Egyptians dead in a resort blast and the countries treasurer is being asked to table an apology by the opposition party.I really have to find a much better home page me thinks.

Maybe it should be Jib Jab!

My country is one day away from the federal election which could see the horrible little lying man once more elected into the top seat and the only opposition we can muster is a bloke from Sydneys western suburbs who looks like he only started wearing long trousers last week. To paraphrase Doctor Smith...."Oh the pain, the pain.."

I think it is time we stopped thinking about what the parties can do for us, personally and start to think with a little more longevity. What can the parties do for the earth. As we see ice shelves disappearing in the antartic we need to think about the glaciers melting and the eventual rise of the sea. (My suggestion is not to buy water front property!) The little man is more worried about a couple of hundred jobs that saving the old growth forrests of Tasmania. The entire Murray basin is stuffed through land mismanagement as farmers take as much as they can from the earth and they are now wondering why it's dying on them.

We are a country that lives on our agricultural products yet we are unable to treat the source of these products with the care and respect that it needs.

We can't even ratify the Kyoto accord. The shame, the shame!

Anyway, going against the grain I will not be voting for either of the major parties. I will be differing to the Greens in the hope that we may be able to shift the balance of power their way in the senate.

I hope all out there do the same and that we think about the planet for a change and not about our selves.

Come on people it's for our kids!