Thursday, 5 July 2007

About time...

The funny thing about time is my total lack of it. Where does it go? I mean, I work and surf, play with the kids all the things we use to do back in Australia but everything seems to take twice as long here. Have we slowed down to the point that simple tasks take twice as long to preform or is this what they call " Bali rubber time"

Sorry to get so deep.

Big announcement today must got to Miranda and Tim Coleman-Doscas as they had a little boy called Felix at 9.58 am this morning, 5th July 2007. He was a wee lad, unlike dad, weighing in at only 2.89kgs.

Salamat Datang Felix!

Speaking of kids, ours are on holiday at the moment, their school, while it follows the Australian school year, it also has a month break in the middle of the year to at least half align with the local and European schools who are in the middle of their "Summer" break.

The weather is fantastic, mild days int he high 20's or low 30's with low humidity make it a pleasure to be here. We do not run air conditioning and the afternoon breeze at present makes the ceiling fan redundant as well.

Working on some interesting projects one of them will be in Bali in April so I am getting the camera out to take some piccies. Do I get photo Credits as well?

Here are a couple of "Textural shots" that I am using. They are for Fluff of coarse!

This one has been PhotoShop-ed. I was going for the warm feeling. Yummy!

Here is one where I had Oscar holding an Orchid up so I could get the sun and Gabi's flags in the background.
Staged, you bet!

The blog wouldn't be right without the obligatory surf shot.
Here is one Maxi took. We went to the peninsular the other day, Balangan. We got there at 4pm, dead low tide. There was this fast little left running over a coral bottom, my first outing down the Bukit, for surfing at least. Image is a bit dull the sun was behind me setting. Had a great afternoon. Thanks to Toby who showed us how to drive there. And thanks to Maxi of this great shot of dear old dad.

So that is my lot, we have Simon and Bella coming in next week so I will post some photos of our outings with them.

Keep well, we all are.


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