Saturday, 20 January 2007

Pinch me. The reality sets in.

So we are at day 13 of 365 and it is still hard to believe that we are living here. We have however started to develop a routine, well at least I have.

Wake around 6.30-6.45 head to the small room for some meditation before grabbing a board from the shed and driving the 10km's or so to the beach. Usually against the morning traffic. Bikes head in, buzzing me like a locust plague as I head out. Many are trying to overtake and I drive with one hand on the horn giving the overachievers a blast to send them back in the ranks and to make way for the tank.

This morning the surf was funny. You would sit out there on a completely flat ocean and then every 10 minutes two or three sets of 4 footers would role through. It was decidedly crowded out there as well, perhaps being a Saturday.

We would all paddle for what we could get and then the wait would begin again. But it's not boring, moreover it's a little like a coffee shop where there is several conversations going on. Each time you paddle out you sort of join another. I tell you it must be one of the friendliest breaks in the world.

Got a couple of nice rides and then it's time to get out. Up to the warung where I park and I order a Mixed juice while I go round back and shower under their water tower. I come through, get changed and put my board in it's bag. My juice comes about then and I drink it. The first sustenance of the day, yummy! I don't linger, I down it and start the drive home.

The traffic has petered off and I cruise home. I get there and everyone is up and Komang and Made have arrived and are into it. I greet everyone and head to the kitchen firing up the espresso machine and making a Soya latte.

Coffee in hand I head down to the guest house which is also my office. Hit the go button on the front of the box and bask in the radiation as the computer does it's morning exercises.

Once on I am off and that is where I spend the day.

The morning is definitely the high point. The bit right up to sitting in front of the computer. Work is the same where ever you park your but. Mind you I do have a great view of a nice garden though. Beats Marrickville, sorry guys!

Lunch is something Komang whips up. A gado gado, Nasi Goreng, Omelettes, so far it's all been good. Then again back to the coal mine for more of the same. About 6 I knock off, around the time the boys are getting out of the pool, herded by Gabi as they would never leave on their own accord. Jack lives here and I drown him with some Diet Coke and a couple of blocks from the arctic.

Nights are easy, we might watch a movie on my laptop, we do not have a TV, play scrabble or the boys might go online and play some games on a laptop.

Speaking of which I might mossy up to the main house now. Also mix it up and have a beer tonight, Gabi brought me down a JD earlier. Nothing left except for a ring of water on the timber top of my work surface but I feel like a cleansing ale, even if it is Bintang!

The image is of a red dragonfly I shot on a leaf at the back of the front pond today. I was testing the new lens. Pretty happy with it, colours are ok and for a handheld shot it is pretty crisp.


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