Friday, 26 January 2007

Week three and the kids go to school

We are settling in and the kids are off to school. If Oscar had his way he would have started two weeks ago. Here is a photo in there Batik (sic) shirts and green trousers. Maxi doesn't have any trousers yet, they are coming.

As is the German tradition, Oscar received a cone of sweets on his first day in the big school. He is liking having deep pockets in his shorts too!

Oscar has two lovely ladies looking after him, Tamara is Australian but is either half Indonesia or half Malay, I will have to ask. Then there is Miss Agung, she is 100% Balinese. The kindergarten is called Prep, but functions as the first year of school much as it does in Sydney where they call it Kindergarten. He has about 15 other kids in there with him. He tells me he hasn't made any 'solid' relationships and one kid wouldn't sit with him today when they ate lunches. On the whole he is enjoying it and he will find his place in the coming weeks I am sure.

Maxi has a mixed grade 5-6 class of about the same number. He's in grade 5. The origins of the kids is a veritable smorgasbord. There is a Polish kid, a Russian, South African, Malaysian, Singaporean, American and a couple of token Aussies. Well it is the Australian International School. His teacher is a bloke called Mr Dean, no not Mr Bean. Jeez! He seems a lot of fun and is very enthusiastic about the kids, their outcomes and making the whole proces enjoyable. Where was this bloke when I went to school? He's also the basketball coach, to which Max has signed up. It is THE sport up here. I think soccer is in there as well, but this is where it is at.

Before you ask, No he hasn't cut his hair off! Maxi has taken to wearing a pony tail, something he never did in Oz. Must be the heat. Humidity is very high and if there is no breeze then you just sweat! It's a good look. Much tidier this way

Maxi and I went to the beach this afternoon. He had done all of his homework and I was able to shove off what I was doing as I have to have it done by Monday, it is only Thursday for Pete's sake! We both had a ball. He was on the inside section with about 6 local kids that were surfing some boards that had seen much better days. But these kids threw them around. These guys will be world champs if they get the chance.

When we were leaving at sunset they came up and asked if we had any wax. I gave them the block I have in the car and they devoured it like ants, actually Maxi & I had to get in there and help as they really had no idea on how to wax a board. We drank a fruit smoothie each and watched the sun setting behind the waves before bundling into the car for the drive home. This is the bit that cements the idea of being here. What a fantastic way to spend the arvo. All good!

On the drive home Max said it was the best surf he had ever had. I think the local kids had pushed him a bit, which is never a bad thing. I saw him get a couple of waves and he is getting better. Mix that with the fact that I think he just liked having other kids in the surf with him and you have a winning combination.

It is late so I will sign off.

More later.


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Anonymous said...

Looking good Ano. Im coming up with all the other Aussies that took advantage of the Jetstar sale!! Booked at Kuta, then Amed, then Ubud. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys for a drink or a meal...

Keep looking at those sunsets.

Garry (Sues ex). Helen gave me your details...