Thursday, 11 January 2007

Day three: Got the car and the bike.

A morning filled with filling out paperwork for the Immigration, something we need to do as we have to have Gabi on KITAS (Indonesian residency) to allow our kids to go to the school, and then an afternoon hiring a ten year old Kagang. at first they brought around a car that had tires like racing slicks. Viva la Tokyo Drift!

Whats worst me headset is dead and I can't use Skype. Do you think I could buy a new USB headset anywhere without someone trying to charge me an arm and a leg?

The ability to be able to do things really quickly and efficiently, because you know where to go an you know the langugae are being replaced by the foreignness of Bali.

They aren't in a hurry and they do not always speak English, a bad habit us English speakers get into.

But it hasn't replaced any of the euphoria we are all, as a family and individually, are feeling, rather it is heightening the experience.

You have to think. And I mean really think. For every action there is a reaction someone very wise once wrote. I am feeling it and while frustration is the first emotion to rise I am also having to rely on my family and wits more. It's good.

Boys only spent about 3 hours in the pool today.

Komang (I got the right spelling now, made a delicious Chicken curry which even the kids liked. Another good thing will be watching their pallet develop.

It is late (10pm) and the others are in bed. The night is quiet, the drone from the neighbours aircon is a pain as is the "doof, doof, doof" from the disco up the block. You can hear the surf rolling onto the beach up the road but you can not hear a car or motorbike.

More again later.


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