Thursday, 4 January 2007

Click, clack and we are just about Packed!

Whew! Nearly there and still 3 sleeps. As you can see from this trite morsel I haven't boxed up the computers yet.

Actually I am render a job and thought I would show you my new 70-300mm lens in comparison to the....
18-70mm that came with the camera. Both shots are from the same spot both at full zoom. Cool eh?

Will now be able to get some surfing shots from shore. As you can see of the ones of me that Gabi took (below) I had to crop them and in doing so they became quite pixelated. The best thing about this lens was the price, $150 only! It's plastic and you can feel it, lack of weight etc etc. But I can take it to the beach and I am not going to get overly worried by splashes etc.

But back to the move. Gabi has stripped all our posesions and they have gone into one of 3 piles. First pile is the stuff that is being shipped. Or should I say has been shipped. We sent off 117 kilos yesterday. The next is the stuff that stays, the bulk of it. We are loading up the garage with everything we are not leaveing in the flat. As it's a friend that's renting all the main furniture stays but all our nick nacks are going. Gosh we have some crap!

And third is our baggage allowance, we each get 30kg plus cabin, say another 12, when you factor in computers, cameras etc. So that is a total of 168kg.

It is hard to distill ones life into a quarter of a ton. And it's not just me but Gabi & the boys as well so really we all have less. Much less.

I think one should do it every couple of years. I noticed Whitney Houston doing it today. She selling off all her old frocks to pay the storage company for all the stuff they have been storing for her.

Anyway, I am drifting so will post this and get back to work.


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