Monday, 8 January 2007

..So this is it! Day One! Bali

The eagles have landed!. I sit here in a bath of my own perspiration. It's 7pm Monday the 8th Jan and we are finally on Bali. Wow!

Still can not really believe that we are actually here.

Maxi & Oscar have spent the day in the pool. They are besotted. They are also having the time of their lives.

The one thing we thought we would have issues with, having people around all the time, isn't an issue at all.

We have two staff here, Kermung and Made. (Hope I spelt their names right.)

Kerming (she) looks after the house and Made (he) the Gardens.

She made us this wonderful omlette for lunch and he played with the kids, cut a bit of lawn and prooned the odd shrub. They are fantastic and I think that we will have no problems in that department. The boys love them. They both thought Maxi was a girl, we told them it is a common occurance. What with all the hair and all.

Took a while to get all my computers set up and then even longer to get the internet sorted. Some techies arrived and after 15 minutes we had the router all sorted and things were whistling along.

Tonight we are off to Trattoria for dinner. Gabi & I know it from past visits. Great Italian place down the street.

Oh before I forget. Maxi and I went out and hired the obligatory motorbike. Just for a week while I sort out a car and motorbike deal from one of the local transport people. The boys were blown away that dad knew how to ride a bike. I took them both, at different times, for a spin. I got some brownie points there!

A nice feature of our bike is that it has a side board rack. Very cool, very Bali! So in the interim I can ride the 800m to the beach with a couple of boards and we can go for a surf.

Anyway, time to go out into the night.

We are in heaven.


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