Wednesday, 27 December 2006

One of the cool new toys we are taking to Bali

I thought I would just whack a couple of photos from our new Olympus iu725 camera up here. This one is of Max. I got him to jump off his board and go underwater. So I could see the results. Not bad eh?

Here is one shot across the water at Max sitting on his board. Great angle. Gabi made a wrist band from an old legrope and an old camera strap I had laying around. The camera sits in the palm of your hand and you can just swim with it. Or paddle. Will have to experiment with it on the board.

More of these later, especially from bali.

But first here is one more shot of me in the turn, shot from a different camera. Gabi was on shore with my Nikon D70.
The wind had come in and was getting a tad lumpy but a lot of fun was had by one and all.

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