Wednesday, 27 December 2006

The time is right. For all good children to have an adventure. And me too!!

Had a happy festive season so far?, Our's was quiet. Surfing after breakfast, that's me on Xmas day out at Maroubra our local beach for two more weeks. As you can see with the wetsuit it has been a mild summer til now. Although the weather did clear up later on to a beautiful 26 degree day and plenty of sunshine.

Boxing day was very literal for us this year as the shelves were fitted into cartons in readiness for our move to the Indo ilse of Bali. With less than two weeks to go, it's all getting a little exciting.

One of the hardest things is to distil ones life down to a 30kg luggage allowance. Luck for me there are 4 of us! My computers and monitors eat one allowance then and there. Our surfboards (I am having to ship some of them) eat half of another, the Espresso machine the other half. Some where in there we have to take clothes, shoes, medicines and other essential items. We box and weigh everything.

We are shipping another 100+ kilos but this is stuff we will not need straight away. Things we can get by for a week without. Pity I cant ship the boys! Only joking!

So the next time I update this blog we will be EXPATS. Might get some shirts made.

We have a house all rented, lovely place with a guest house in the bottom of the yard. We needed something to entice family
and friends to come and visit. It's working! 4 bookings so far.

On the right is a calender for the bookings we have taken for the guest house. So if your going to come up to visit email us with your dates, or ring.

To have a look at the house go to the site we set up

More soon.


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