Sunday, 24 September 2006

Bali or bust.

Tis the season to pack up the family and move.

Too much time and tide has been settling over us and I feel that the family as a unit needs and adventure, a task to trully align ourselves. We are four souls who swim in the one fish bowl but are more often than not at battle with each other over purely egoistic items. I think a splattering of 'out of country' quandries will sort that out and have us acting as a proper family unit. One with a singulaity of purpose and function.

I am hoping that a move to bali will stimulate and gel the attention of the boys, Max (Now 10) an Oscar (5 in Dec) Not to mention Gabi and myself.

Working as an event designer who delivers everything digitally through the mediums of 2D & 3D programs allows me a certain freedom in respect to workplace location. 2007 is the year we are taking the full advantage of this.

I am ramping up my hardware and my software to offset the geographical issues some of my clients may have with the move.

Mind you most who I have spoken to are in awe of the project. Am starting to realise that we may have to have 'workshops' up there for them.

So you can expect this blog to liven up in the coming months as we start to sell all the crap that inhabits our lives and we make way for the bare necessities. Such as my quiver of surfboards.

Why is it my wife doesn't understand that this is so? I suppose it's the same as me not understanding why she wants to take a sewing machine with her up there.

Anyway it should be different and I will try to be slightly more diligent in keeping a proper record of it here.

Off we go... Yipee!


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