Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Our one month aniversary

While it is one of my elders birthday today, good on ya Pedro, it is a more important date tomorrow with the big hurdle of one month here in our oasis.

We must be settled as Max wanted to fain sick this morning and lay in, just like he would in Oz.

But things haven't been without the learning curve. I am sitting here on the road to recovery of an incapacitating lergie know the world over simply as Bali Belly.

You wouldn't want to wish it on your worst enemy. Especially when it always seems to hit in the middle of the night and make you go to the little room which one shares with 50 billion mozzies at this time of the day. Ouch!

Also there is the electricity. Last Tuesday I was flying to Sing in the evening, Well the power in the whole of Seminyak went out at about 10am. Right when I was doing something for someone. Not to mention all the work I still had to drag off my desktop for the meetings in Singapore. Argh! I paced around the house. I walked over to the language school where Gabi is studying Indonesian, came home fretted. Finally Gabi said go surfing! Why hadn't I thought of that. There was nothing I could do.

So I disappeared off for a couple of hours and it was fantastic. Not the surf, that was average, but I would have just worn the tiles waiting for it to come back on. About 3pm it did. I was home by then and able to suck everything I needed off. Looks like we have to buy a UPS and a small generator.

My younger brother Damien is here to help do some work. I didn't get him to get into it until yesterday, he actually arrived an hour after I got back from Singapore last Thursday. I waited out at the airport and we shared a car home.

He's spent today working on images for an event in Vietnam next month. The mock-ups of what the dinner will look like. Looking good to. They can get sent out tonight.

Tomorrow I will get him to start on signage for an event in Chiang Mai in April. We have a wide and varied assortment of work to get through.

It has freed me up to get on with some design work for the Vietnam job as well as some conceptual imagery work for two suites (boxes) we do for the HK 7's.

So we are in no need of more in that department. In actual fact I have to get a more ordered life and to stop working on weekends. I have a bad habit of doing it.

I'll work on that!

So that is enough from me but it was a week ago that i last wrote and i know how eager you all are to read these musings.

Take care.


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mikemcmach10 said...

Pedro will be pissed.... his birthday is not for a month. March 6, oh forgetful one.....unless you have sent him a pressie, in which case, I'm sure he'll forgive and forget.