Friday, 27 August 2004

Back from the edge

Sunshine Coast Hotels: Hyatt Regency Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia
It's not a bad place to slum it for a week or so.

We were up there doing a gig for MS. Their ANZ Partner Conference.

We built an exhibition and branded the entire place. We also got to ride around in stretch golf carts, ride bycyles through the dark and drink a little more than we needed or as sense should have told us. But it had to be done and we stepped up to the plate.

We were put up in an unassuming little place that we liked to refer to as the 'rock n roll suite' We gave the room(sic) it's name after finding out that Mick Jagger stayed there, if your more than a little curious it's number is 711.

Now the term 'room' is used very losely and only in a hotle sence. For you see it was actually it's own free standing villa placed at the other end of the 18th fairway from the club house of this internationally reknown golf course. Swaddled in the exclusive little area called the Ambassadors Club, it was actually a 2 storey, three bedroom, 3 bathroom, 5 toilet palace. The entrance hall was complete with chandelier and curved staircase. Which I now know one needs for the all important entrance.

The roof boasted it's own kitchenette, and of course the obligatory spa! we filled it one night/morning. But I think I put a few drops too many of bubble bath and we were waste deep in bubbles. They detached themselves from the main body when the win blew and launch high into the sky creating multiple avaiation hazards.

But enough of the accommodation though, as I will put you to sleep. We've all stayed in places with their own tennis courts and pools. Suffice to say it was comfortable.

Tomorrow 12 of my family arrive and we will make a pilgrimage on Sunday up to the snow. These guys have never seen it before. My other Brother Damien and I have seen a fair bit in our lives so it should be pretty funny seeing them slip and slide for the first few days.

My main man Max (my eldest son) will be coming along. The little guy Oscar is not quite three so he is staying in Sydney with his mother this time. Next year mate.

So I am thinking the plan of attack is thus. Day one, going mad, perhaps even Day two. I will book him into the explorers club for that day /thise days and then when my legs go I will slow down and the two of us can have some time to bond. Should be great.

So don't expect any updates this week but do wait for the tall tales of adventure I come back with. Hope to upload some fotos and give your eyes a rest from the dribble here.

Mum is also coming over from Perth with the tribe. She won't come to the snow either, opting to stay with yet another brother (I come from a big family) and his wife and kids. He has 5 of them!!

Ok, time for bed, could be a big one tommorrow night.

Now where did I leave my beany and goggles!

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