Sunday, 15 August 2004

Thorpe and Hackett go gold, silver in brilliant first day

Thorpe and Hackett go gold, silver in brilliant first day - Swimming -
So they did it. Managed to pull off the old one two in the pool.

It always surprises me how well the Aussies do in these games. The medal tally at the moment has Australia in second place behind China, America is 4th. Not that I am overly competitive but I will stand and bask in the glow of the reflected glory of these modern day olympians.

I met my wife in the Greek Isles. It was one of those typical tales of romace. An Aussie boy and his back pack. A young German Fraulein and her...well her blonde hair. Short version is I chased her and she ran away.

Now according to her, she even hid. The audacity of it!

Then I got bored with this fruitless chase, bit like the dog who has sucked out all the marobone jelly out of his bone, you turn you attention to tastier morsels and wander off.

She felt the hole it had left. She had survived on running and hiding. Just like those old American nuclear bomb adverts, Duck and Cover, it had kept her going. Without her knowing I had become important to her. Geez there mustn't have been a lot to do on the islands back then and she soon changed her coarse and persued me.

Needless to say she got me. Now 15 years later we are seeing travelogues, interdispersed with snippets of sport, from the once centre of the then known universe and it does bring back more than a small pang of nostalgia.

To be young and fit again and running around in Greece. What a life!


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