Friday, 13 August 2004

First Post

I had resisted the urge to publish a blog for a long time. The funny thing is my first website, hard coded, was your version ol’ 1.0 blog. It was a snapshot taken at the time of creation. It was 7 years ago that I built that site. I know it well, my son Max, was then a baby and now an 8 year old who wrestles me both physically and metaphysically. Might try to auction him here later.

The old site is still out there, check it out.

Anyway's the idea of an online journal is one both daunting, I cant think that I will be able to keep the maintenance and the entertainment up and exciting, as it gives me a forum to vent my spleen. Not to mention big noting myself and belittling others, just kidding.

If you like what you read, tell me. It might be the catalyst I need to continue doing it. Same can be said for the negative. If you judge my musings to be verbal diarrhoea, don’t hold back. (but I reserve the right for redress)

Anyway, that's all your going to get this first night. Wouldn’t want to spoil things.


Erskineville, Sydney

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up!