Wednesday, 18 August 2004

OH, that little chestnut

A mate of mine, lets call him Bob, is opening a bar in Japan. The last few days we have been chatting about names for the bar and I thought I would throw it up here in the vain attempt that someone will happen past and give me that Gem of the idea, that name that evades us. I have already supplied a smorgasborg of names. A veritable plethora of groovy names yet I don't seem to have moved my friend, his girlfriend Yuki yes, but Bob is unfased, see his latest mail to me.

Thanks for the names mate. Yuki really liked them.

We expect that many of our customers will be English speakers, and their
Japanese English students...Japs who are interested in learning English, or
who want to bonk a foreigner to see what that Gaijin sausage is really like.
We hope to sell a little Australian wine there.

We have a couple of hukahs, an oxygen bar, a couple of internet hookups

If you think of any other names let me know. Short is good. Imagine people
saying "I'm going to the .......," or "I'll meet you at the ......."

See what I mean! Bastard!

What names I hear you ask, well I should include my original mail to him so you can follow this thread in true style.

>What’s in a name eh?
>Alright, I agree, Babel is a bit to esoteric, even for English speakers, to
>elaborate I think you would be dating yourself. Old farts like us do not go
>out. We have kids and stuff. It’s the youth market that you want to
>the ones with the disposable income. Add to the fact that it is a non
>English speaking country then I think you should go for words they might
>know. Here is my short list of names which could be used.
>* Home
>* Frame
>* Couch
>* Elements
>* Disc
>* Studio
>* Etc
>* Spinifex
>* Think out side the square
>* Hole, Box & Dice
>* Roo Bar
>* Billabong
>* Tsunami
>* Kasbah
>* The Orient
>* Taxi or Taxxi
>* Oxygen
>* Tonic
>* Baja
>Now you may think I’m on drugs but hey, I’m still at work so there isn’t
>chance of that, maybe later.
>Let me know what you think or maybe these spur the ol’ grey mater into
>activity and you come up with the one you like.
>A good thing to do is give people the names and ask them which one they
>like, the cream should rise to the top.

Gems! Pearls! Everyone of them.

Some times I think that my friends lack any foresight.

Anyway, I am calling upon you, the maddening crowd to deposit at my doorstep the name that will stun my friend, Bob.

Take me to the highs I use to go to before i had kids.


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