Saturday, 13 October 2007

Something blue....

eM&M are still here until tomorrow. But I can say, normality is finally coming home to roost. What a big August/September. Even my work flow, which is pretty hectic at this time of the year anyway, has been out of control. Even went to Singapore last week! Staying all of one night, hehe! Quick in and out.
I had meetings both days. Got a new 300mm lens for my camera, perhaps now we can start to take surfing shots again and a porta cot. More on that later! And no we are not up the duff!

Got my new surfboard last Wednesday night, you know the one I won in the GSI tell us in 500 words or less how Surfing has changed your life. As you can imagine, was more than a little excited. Funnily enough I forgot about the time and it wasn’t until I received a text from Dan at 11.45pm, GSI’s international courier (Actually he is the Intl. Business Development Manger, and because he was coming up here to see the local wholesaler he got the job to drag the board with him) Anyway, his text said "are you still coming?"
BUGGER! So I immediately replied, "in car about 10 minutes off" and belted for the car. Made Jalan Sunset in about a minute and a half and for the first time since we got the Blue beast I opened it up on the near deserted dual lane carriageway. I am happy to report it will do the tonne sitting on it’s head. Got to that big statue in the centre of the round about right in front of the Planet Hollywood/ Galleria and swung the jeep around it pointing down Jalan Bypass, direction Nusa Dua and once again floored it. Off she when. Next thing I knew the right hand to swing towards the airport was approaching so I slowed a tad but with a clear oncoming lane I didn't have to stop, rather I slid it around the corner at about 70. Handled beautifully, there was a fair bit of body roll but you expect that from Yank tanks. Accelerated and staying in the left lane zoomed through the next lights onward.

Made the airport in under 10 minutes from home. Not bad I reckon! Thank god there isn’t a speed camera in Bali. And if there is, thank god they lost the instruction booklet.

Anyway, Maxi and I have been down the beach paddling the last two mornings. The waves are small which normally would be bad, but the SuperFish seems to just grab onto them and gives me this stable yet maneuverable work platform so that I am able to in turn ride it. Amazing in fact. I hope that it only preforms as good or better in larger surf. I might be one of these born again surfers who go out and preach the word according to Global Surf Industries. Actual now that I mention this their logo does look like some 70’s roman catholic graphic the Jesuits use to come at us with in my youth. Perhaps I have uncovered something here?

Time will tell.

Hey the printer has just spat the GW's Samari Suduko out, Jeremy, bless his polyester socks, scanned and sent me todays from the Good Weekend, which is the magazine lift out in the Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

So rather than continue this dribble I am going to get into it while Gabi and boys are out.


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