Thursday, 18 October 2007

Pictures speak loudly...

So that people do not think we spend our lives on a beach here are some more or less normal photos of us and friends. We do work here you know!

This is for Fluff, she loves a good piccy.

Maxi has found a first love. Not that one, not yet I think, hey he has plenty of time for that, what I mean is acting. Just recently he was one of the principals in Seussical Jr. a mish mash of Dr Seuss stories. He was the narrator, the Cat in the Hat. Maxi brought the character alive. His actions and cheekiness were exactly what the part called for. Takes a lot of guts to stand there and sing not only in front of his peers but hundreds of their mums and dads. I was more than proud of him. Well done my son!

He has now joined the local theatrical society and is auditioning for parts in "High School Musical" More on this later.

Oscar and I are showing off for the camera. Nice teeth grit son! 2 weeks ago we took possession of a new bike. A Suzuki Thunder, all rockin 125 cc of it. The Thunder is a motorbike style as opposed to the scooter style which is very prolific here. The scooter makes me slouch and I get a sore lower back. Will get a surf board rack fitted in the next week or so and will then be able to drive out to Canggu without making the family catch public transport.

As I have said in previous entries, we have had a rash of visitors across this last August - October period.
Here is a shot of the kids hamming it up at the shopping centre. The little girl is Lena. We met her when Maxi and her were just babies together in Balmain. Her parents,who are also German (yes the tie!) and were in Australia as her dad was the Manager of Ikea Australia at the time. They came to Bali for a month to hang and do something different to living in Stockholm, where they are living now. Don't you think she could be sister to Max here? Dead ringers!! Yes they are scary hats the kids are wearing, looks like the sugar has already kicked in with Oscar. Free stylin!

Here is another blast from the past. Ros and Gabi. These guys met when we had Maxi, they were in the same Mothers group in Balmain. Now Ros, David her husband, William the son they have 3 days younger than Maxi Oliver and the newish daughter Rose live in Singapore and have been there the last 5 years or so. Was great to catch up, if only for 3-4 days.

Lounging is an art at Kudeta. Here is a piccy of Jeremy and Margie going for the title. I think I could have been in the water with Max when this photo was taken. It was after lunch on Gabi's birthday if i am not mistaken. Can't be late as that drink looks like a juice not something with punch. Speaking of punch! We had a huge night there with Mikey and Em last Saturday night, thanks for dinner guys. You shouldn't have! They left the next day back to Broome. The island life is settling back into routine.

Sally, Tim, Lotte and Ava were here just prior to Jez and Margie. Here is a shot of Maxi who surprised me with being so into babies. She really did have a good time in his arms. There is a stripey shirt in this here photo, someones trademark? hmmmm, must be Tim's, yes?

Maxi isn't the only one around here into babies. The Balinese love babies annd this shot shows it. Here is Ava again stunning and entertaining the crowd, this time it is Komang and Made. Komang, who is heavily pregnant in this photo, left last week for 3 months to have her second child. Our love and well wishes go after her. She will return in the new year to help us with our life when we move out of here and into next door. Currently a friend of hers, Ketut is helping us with the place here.

Here is a photo of Made and his family. He asked Gabi the other day if she could do some prints with our printer and hence we have the digital photo. It is a festival in their village and they all look amazing in their traditional dress. The babie here is also so cute. An interesting thing, they do not put a baby down for the first 6 months of it's life. Someone is always carrying it. They believe that there are bad spirits on the floor and that the baby is susceptible at this age.

Lastly a photo of Gabi and myself. Sorry it is a couple of months old, but Gabi sent it to me with all of these others so I will whack it in there. Gosh we are looking a tad black here aren't we? I am sporting some facial fuzz too.

Right here is another photo. That one was too dark. We went to a white wedding the other week, this is a photo of us prior to leaving the house, so now you have some contrast here. Sorry it was evening and Maxi was using my camera, I think perhaps it might have been too heavy for him.

Well that is our lot. So much has happened and will continue to do so. Can not believe that we have been living here for ten months now. Our lives move on like the water in a stream never stopping mixing, mingling, taking different paths and to tell all about such a life would in itself rob us of the life we are yet to live.

Hope you enjoy these snapshots and know that not all is a holiday when you live in paradise.


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