Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The end is neigh! or not!

The last of the visitors for this couple of months have left. Mikey & Em are still up the road at the Sofitel, but I have retaken the shed as my base of operations. The computers are all set up and I am back in business.
Margie and Jeremy were up here last week for a wedding over at Kudeta, Sally, Tim, Lottie and Ava were here two weeks prior for a 40th, Ros, David, William, Oliver and Rose left this morning back to Singapore.

A good time was had by all. But it doesn't stop there, though we thought it would.

Gus will be here at the end of the month, he is driving some boat up this way and he emailed that his contract ends here in Bali's Benoa Harbour, handy! Jackie and Simon are coming through for 2 days mid November to celebrate Jackie's 40th up here. Oops, I suppose I shouldn't mention ages eh? Too late! So there is still a trickle.

Speaking of birthdays Gabi had hers on Sunday. Not going to make the same mistake twice in one post though. No ages! We had breakfast at Kudeta which drifted towards lunchtime. Then about 4pm we drove to Canggu, Echo Beach and had dinner a couple of Bintangs and a nice sunset. Drove Margie and Jez to the airport and an early night. Photos of sunset and the gang!

Jeremy brought the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald up and I am happy to say that I was able to work out the Samuri Suduko while I was in the thinking room. Yeah, yeah, I know I hear enough feedback from my wife about that. But it is therapeutic, ok? Hey can someone in Sydney please check my answers?

So that is it for another couple. Off to Singapore in a matter of hours. Just an overnighter to freshen my visa and see the client about some different works.

Take care.

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