Thursday, 20 November 2008

I'm Back!

After 8 months I think it is about time that I write once more about life here in Bali. Just to put it out there. I do not think that this is a good place to go back over why there has been an absence, those who know me know already. I thought it better to actually start the dialogue about life in Bali for an ex-pat Australian. Trials tribulations and best place to get a Nasi Goreng. So that is what I will endeavor to do. Perhaps people who read this will add their comments and it can morph to a point where it is a communal process rather than this dictatorial diatribe which so denotes blogs these days. Though if you want a narrator, I can do that as well.



Mike McInerheney said...

OK you're back...long time and few drinks together...some in Jan, 'eh?
Keep up the writing here. I liked to wander by and see what you'd been doing.

Spencer Collins said...

Ano please write some more, I like your musing and I know that you are very adept.
I'm now a blogger as well, albeit very slack...