Sunday, 16 March 2008

Licking my wounds

I thought that i should pen a few words here at some stage or another. That is until i saw my stars in this fortnights Bali Advertiser.

SCORPIO : Conceding defeat, is no easy task. Moving on, release and letting go, all a part of the process that follows. Usually, a sense of sadness and loss is inevitable. Feeling failure, is a waste of time. Count your blessings now, and move towards the future. Dwelling on the past will, only serve to lengthen the process and there is no time to be wasted on that. Forge ahead, and allow new inspiration to illuminate your path. What has transpired was a necessary part of your life process. It is over now.<

That has literally lifted the scabs on a couple of wounds let me tell you.

I will stay indoors for the next few days licking them.

Take care in the real world people.


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