Wednesday, 20 February 2008

More than a mouthful. BigMac!

I thought that 2 things are needed here. Firstly a post about something other than the rock in the ocean we call our home, but something that is reasonably near and dear to me and mine. The second thing was i wanted to show friends and family that although I may live in a tourist resort I have not hung the back in 5 minutes shingle on the door to my brain.

Entrance MacHEADS the movie. I have happened across the site the other day and was blown away. Friends who know me know of my long standing relationship with the Mac. I had a classic, a Duo, Gosh, I am designer, they were ours. I have argued with friend's about their importance, arguing about their superiority (with that certain smugness that only a MacHEAD has) and I am now realizing that I have been standing up for the Apple brand for over 15 years. Just a note here to any Apple employees. Long service gift?? Do you have my address?? Phone me??

Funny how I have been part of of Brand culture and I wasn't even aware of it when the whole time I have been using them, my miriad of Mac computers, to shore up and emphasis other companies brands using the my Mac and the software within. Nice irony..

On a local note, there is this one coffee shop, the Tuck Shop, over here that wont let you in (I am kidding but it looks that way) if you bring out a PC. Mac has now become the status symbol of the traveler, the world weary. I doubt if it's because the ubiquitous little 13" screens match so nicely with the white laminate tops of the tables, or the porcelain mugs of steaming Latte's, machiato's and ginger tea. No the interesting thing is they have become cool. Once the bastion of geeks and designers Mac has made design theirs and is offering you the rub off if you buy in. But where does that leave us "power users"? the ones that use them because once upon a time you had to and since then it was just too hard to learn how PC's work.

MacHEADS trailer

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So the point of this whole Blog today is to introduce this movie and to take a look at the trailer. I am now with baited breathe waiting for when i can see the thing in it's entirety.

But enough of me and my mac. I have to get back to designing an event for Microsoft....


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