Friday, 1 February 2008

Long time no write.

Salamat hari raya. Today is the last day of Galungan. It is called Kuningan. It is a magical time in Bali. The Balinese seem to wear their traditional dress almost every day and the streets are lined with these amazing bamboo poles with offerings and little woven alters. I will see if I can’t get a photo in here to show you.

The power is off. I was working on a couple of jobs, one for the Hong Kong Sevens, I do a couple of corporate boxes there and my design for one of them came back telling me they wanted something a little ‘lighter’ & ‘more pleasant’, I mean it is Rugby people! But they are the clients and the other is for Amway China. They have an event in Melbourne later in the year. So the outage has forced me to take a break, coupled with the hounding by my brother Michael to get some additions to the blog I will generate some words about what has happened of late.

Gosh, it has been a while. Merry festive season people. May 2008 be more than you want it to be. The first month is already finished. Speaking of months. The fore sworn brother his wife Fluff and their 3 sons, Larry Curly and John were here for a month over the New Year. We took their house in Perth for 10 days of it. We got 40+ degree days and they got tropical rain and hot humid days. Fair swap me thinks. When we got back we drove first up to Ubud for a night, we ate at Naughty Nuri’s. Fantastic. The racks of ribs were unreal, and the cocktails, first class. Very weird sitting in a place no bigger than a warung having one of the worlds best frozen margaritas, next day we drove up to Lovina, Lovely sunsets, Fluff and Maxi swam with dolphins. Maxi thought the dolphin, was it Jack? Or John? Never mind, anyway he asked the guy in the water with him how many fins a dolphin had? He thought he had 4. In fact he had his keel extended. Anyway, both of them got a tad excited with Maxi.

From Lovina we drove east along the coast to Amed. We stayed at new bungalows owned by some Dutch parents from the boy’s school. It was nice and we snorkelled in the afternoon. Not my cup of tea but if you are a diver apparently it is the bees knees.

Started going out to Canggu again in the mornings. The wind blows in from the west during the wet, which is onshore out there. That wind has now started to swing. It also doesn’t blow as early. The swells are the next thing to change. We will see them building from now into April. Also I have to rid myself of the spare tire I built over the festive season and all the beer I drank. Michael, geeze he is getting a good plug here isn’t he? He has put me onto this soup diet, so I am at day 5 of just eating soup. Today I get to eat a piece of chicken, yippee! Looking forward to that. Not sure how much weight is going as we do not have scales but I feel alright. So a couple more days and then I will swing over to a Low GI (Which is the same thing just I get more variation) eating plan. But It is great to get up at 6 and ride the bike out to Canggu every day. So peaceful at that time of the morning. A lot of locals are about but they are going to work or home from work. Good thing about the low GI is I can have a glass of wine. It is also a week without a drink, which for me is a long time. I would have one a night at least. More over the break but I had it back to one since getting back from Thailand.

So the power is up and I think I had better get into it.

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