Saturday, 30 January 2010

Touchy feely. With the sound thrown in free.

I have been interested in this band out of Bandung for a while. I have brought a couple of their albums, oops I think I meant to say all (read both) of them! They are easy to find up here in the jungle. If I had to say who they remind me of it's a bit of a toughy. Lovely haunting girls vocals, sort of a Bjork (Had to throw that in given the band name) meets New order type of keyboard with a Durutti column production and most of lyrics in Bahasa Indonesia. When listening to vocals that you don't understand they become another layer of instrumental. Risa's voice is quite angelic. As I said interesting stuff.

Sad to hear that the two girls, Dina keyboards and Risa vocals, that started the band have ended it, artist differences apparently. Risa has left and taken a lot of the magic that is Homogenic with her. I do understand when two people want to grow in difference directions, We grow apart. Still doesn't mean we have to like it.

Thought I would post a link to a video of theirs as they don't get a huge amount of western exposure and I thing they rock.

Lets see what they come back as... Oh 1207 views now. Lets see how much traffic I can send their way.

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