Saturday, 1 August 2009

Not an important post but a blast from the past.

It's been a week or two of rediscovery for me. Most importantly my kids got back from 6 weeks in Germany with their mum. Other items came in dribs and drabs. An old friend from school on Facebook here then another one there. Became a bit of a flood there for a moment three sisters, Jo, Chris and Michelle, then Karine, Jess and I see Michael there who I will have to catch up with, Edmund who worked for Concept Com and has now moved over to my friends company, Radius. Well he contacted me after about a two years so good to chat to him and hopefully we will get to work together again soon and then I happened upon this.

Like a lot of things from our youth that laid the foundation stones of who we are, how we act and when we laugh. The lesson once taught had been discarded and I had all but lost this skit in the back of my mind. So what joy it was to stumble upon this relic while researching old rugby images for a project next April, I like to get in early.

Hope You laugh, I did.



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