Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Must have done something right!

This morning started like most. Got up, had a coffee went to the loo and took the kids to school. After dropping them off at 7:50 I kept driving out of town towards Cangu and my favorite surf spot. I hadn't been there in about 3 weeks so it would be good to catch up with the guys whether there was surf or not.
As luck would have it there was a 5-6 set coming through and I had a great surf and catchup. Left the beach, knowing I had a lot of work ahead today. I was burning the candle at both ends. Stopped off for croissants came home made another soya latte and with breakfast in hand headed to the guest house, the shed, to start work.
Went through all my emails and was just about to get into it when I noticed one in the Junk mail folder.
An advert for longer penises, bigger breasts or more money was sure to be there. But to 'unhighlight' the whole inbox I would have to delete it.
The subject was "congratulations" I thought I had won yet another one of the European lotteries and would only have to send them my bank details to get it. I clicked on it and in the second I had before my finger hit the delete key I noticed it was from Global Surf Industries.
I had entered their competition the other day. I wrote 500 words about how surfing changed my life in an effort to win a surfboard a year for the next ten years. Not a bad first prize eh?
Well I wasn't quite that lucky but I was one of the 25 runners up who has gone and won themselves a new surfboard.
Now I just have to figure out which one! And I have so much other stuff to do today!
Check out my submission here!
Click on the Yellow box on the bottom and scroll until you see my name. Oh, I am the only winner living in Bali which is kind of cool!

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