Sunday, 27 November 2005

HiJacked! Comments that link to some damn Loan & Pay site.

I have had to start to moderate my Blog. Hmm, I don;'t get enough time to write anything here, now I have to find time to moderate it from Comments posted by robots. Argh! The cycle spins out of contol yet again.

Well we are now living metres away from Maroubraq beach, I went surfing twice yesterday, it was fantastic, although my body is feeling it today. 42 isn't the age to start surfing at that sort of level. But it was fantastic. 4 foot and glassy. A light offshore breeze, blue skys and aqua water.

I will get some photos tied to the site somehow, must speak to my brother how he does it. Check out his hole int he ground, see link to his blog at right. Tis almost a pool!

Will have to come west to try it out.


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